3 Simple Ways To Get a Three Birds-Esque Home

3 Simple Ways To Get a Three Birds-Esque Home

1) Let's jump right in there and start with the obvious. White. White Everywhere.

(Picture Courtesy of Three Birds ~ House Six)

First and foremost, make everything white. Jokes (kind of), but as much as you can you should make the foundations of your space white. So if you have beige coloured walls, paint them white; if you have coloured curtains replace them with white ones; literally everything (that isn't decor), make it white - including floors, if you can. It is quintessential Three Birds essence to be inundated with white. And look, it seems a lot at the start, but it is almost always softened by the beautiful elements of colour that are added in with decor and natural textures! So smart. Since on-trend colours change seasonally, it makes much more sense to make the easily changeable items in your home - such as cushion covers, rugs, ornaments - the colourful items and to leave the foundations such as walls and floors as a neutral base that can be built upon. If you can only make minor changes, perhaps because you're renting - consider changing simple things such as your doona cover and pillows to white and adding coloured cushions (and even maybe sheets) to balance it out. If you can, add a light/white coloured rug under your bed as well. This will create a gorgeous canvas to build upon with coloured decor (by the way, we think pops of burnt orange and checkered prints are the way to go with colour and interest in June 2023 - check out the Three Birds design of Mick Fannings Gold Coast home here and you'll notice alllll the gorgeous white too).


2) Arches 


(3 Images Courtesy of Three Birds)

This is something so inherent to Bam Bam. When we first started, this played into our design and style inspo; hence our entire range of products. When we were renting, we LOVED the Three Birds style, packed out with arches and so many organic shapes but we were very limited in what we could do decor wise. Not to mention, headboards cost upwards of $900 in the arched styles we liked. So that's a bit of a back story to our peel and stick arches that we now offer. 

I kid not, if you look through all the Three Bird renovation homes, the two biggest themes are white and arches! And both we are totally here for. There is something natural, refined, interesting and regal about arches in the home. They just add a little euro and old-charm that went away with modern architecture and the sharp jaggedness off 21st century home styling and building! 

Arches play a massive role in adding 'natural-ness' back to a space as they honour curvature and organic movements that are not only feminine but add softness to a room. I think this is why they are so prevalent in Three Bird styling - for the softness they bring to the often stark whiteness of the home. 

So, if we refer back to our imaginary bedroom, behind your newly white doona and colourful-cushioned-bed, one of our limewash arch headboards (probably, earth or stone), would match PERFECTLY. The balance of an earthy tone, and limewash patina effect with the white of the room and touches of colour make for a lovely, warm, relaxing place of slumber - and SO Three Birdsy. 



3) Wall Art


(3 Images Courtesy of Three Birds)

I must say, Three Birds go all out with their wall art. We can't all have Slim Aaron's and Jai Vasicek (one of our faves, also featured in Kookai Gold Coast) prints sprawled throughout our homes - one can only dream! But what Three Birds show with their use of wall art is that a boring space is easily fixed with a beautiful framed print - whether it be of art or photography. 

Wall art can also be used as a way to highlight the vibe of your home. Want a beachy feel but want it to be subtle? Do the Three Birds trick and add a Slim Aarons Italy or Francesca Owens print to your space. Or wanting a moody French vibe? Add a Whitney Spicer artwork or print. The options are endless and it makes changing your home 'theme' so much easier when it simply means changing an art piece (no reno's for me thanks!). 

One thing we are proud to do at Bam Bam is offer FREE printable art to all our subscribers and printable wall art for purchase with seasonal releases year-round. Since wall art can make such a difference, we know the importance of everyone having access to stunning prints (albeit not Jai Vasicek level). If you want to take advantage of our free printables you can do so here

In our imaginary room, we would have two large (A1) Bam Bam printables, framed with white wood frames and perfectly positioned above a chest of drawers - likely on the wall to the right or left of the bed. On the opposite wall we would put a large floor mirror to bounce the light around and to reflect the pops of colour added by the wall art.

This wall art, with the white foundations, rug, doona, peel and stick headboard and little pops of colour are a sure fire way to Three-Birdsify your space in a simple, three-step way. 

Here's a cute example of some of our printables that you could put in your home to add that bit of difference and colour to your now extra white base!

So there we have it folks! 

3 simple ways to get a Three Birds-esque home. Seriously, that simple and easy and can be done no matter the budget :)

Comment below what you would do different and don't forget to tag us in any changes you make to your space! We would love to see.


Joy and wellness this week. 

Bam Bam. 

(Bam Bam Moodboard)

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Written and edited by Moana Danger - Owner Bam Bam Backdrops

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