5 Great Uses For Your Picnic Blanket Throws This Summer & Winter

5 Great Uses For Your Picnic Blanket Throws This Summer & Winter

Summer picnics or winter warmers, picnic blanket throws are a must have all year round… 

Our woven picnic throw blankets are great for so many reasons… They come in handy when you’re going out for a beach day, when you’re chilling on the couch and I even used one this year for under the Christmas tree. No matter the occassion, I often find myself reaching for my picnic blanket throw just incase. 

So, here’s our favourite uses for picnic blanket throws no matter the season or reason!

1. Beach Blanket

Picnic blanket throws australia perfect picnic blanket throws for the beach
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Perfect for the kiddies or for your own tanning days. Cute picnic blanket throws are definitely a must for picturesque beach days and for keeping all your belongings sand free. I always have mine in the back of the car, so it’s super handy for spontaneous swim days. 

2. Cute Interchangeable Bed Covers

Cute picnic blanket throws for bed covers and dressing the bed

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An obvious use in winter or year round. Not only do they make your room cute but they’re easily changeable, and can protect your duvet too! For me, these are a great way to bring some difference and colour to my space without having to go all out on a new bed spread, pillows and cushions. 


3. Less-Mess Couch Covers

Cute couch cover picnic blanket throw

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One of the more genius uses for my picnic blanket throw; covering the couches in my son’s lounge room. This is a lifesaver when you have a messy child on your hands who loves to sneak some cheeky snacks into his play room while he’s watching a show. Since our picnic blanket throws are machine washable and don’t fade, I am quick to throw one over his couch for not only a cuter look but also for the added mess factor. 


 4. Large Wall Decor and Wall Hangings 

Cute wall hanging picnic blanket throw

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This is one of my favourite ways to utilise any older picnic blanket throw I might have. I usually pop them up in my son’s room as a cute backdrop for his bed, or even in my office when I need some colour and new energy in there. Since they’re quite large pieces, I don’t have to splurge on an enormous print to get a grand central decor piece and the best thing is that I can change them over when I feel like it.  


5. Yoga and Meditation Blankets

Yoga mat or meditation blanket picnic blanket throw

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This is what I personally use my throws for a lot! Sometimes I just want a cute space that feels larger than a yoga mat to do my morning meditations. I also love setting myself up with cute aesthetic things for my morning meditation time including candles and pillows and I’ve found having a cute throw to sit on adds that little something extra. 



So there we have it… my top 5 uses for my picnic blanket throws (in addition to their use for picnics or as a blanket). What is your favourite way to use your throw? 



5 Great Uses for your Picnic Blanket Throws in Summer & Winter 

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