Are neutrals and minimalism out of style in 2023?

Are neutrals and minimalism out of style in 2023?

The verdict is out, white, neutrals and minimalism is OUT in 2023. It’s truly devastating, but then I remember that I don’t want to be one of those people who gets stuck in one trend and can never let it go #livelaughlove (am I right?). 

But as I’ve been researching and reading, what I’ve found is that it’s not completely out - thank god for that since my ENTIRE house is white. It seems that the new ‘it-girl’ of decor is a blend of simple and extravagant. So completely white walls with pops of neon, or massive striking furniture pieces, or organic shapes (no more sharp edges and square boxy designs) are all the vibe. 

What it seems to be capturing is the generational differences between Gen Y and Z, the instagram generation vs the tik tok generation. The younger generation are less curated and forced than us Gen Y’ers and to be honest it’s so refreshing. Pinterest is showing that the funky vibe that comes from Gen Z TikTok culture is on the come up and it’s giving 70s/80s infused fun that has not taken over (massively) the interior design space for a longgg time. 

So what do we think? It’s amazing, but it’s scary. I cant fathom my home having bright colours all over since I’ve always loved a Scandi, Euro and minimalist vibe, however since adding little decor pieces to my space that are colourful (candles, book-ends, prints) I’ve found it really does bring some fun freshness to a space. 

As always, I’ve made a mood and style board for the trend as we see it. We’ve also added some of our newest additions that embrace all the organic vibes of this trend. Check it out below and leave a comment whether you like this new direction of interior design. Is it for you? Or you’ll pass? Let us know!

Xx Moana. 


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