How to find your Angel Number and what do they even mean!?

How to find your Angel Number and what do they even mean!?

Ahhh Angel Numbers - Yes. The woo woo & whimsical numbers that girls wear on their necklaces and declare in their instagram bio’s (and by girls, I mean me). What is the purpose of them, how do you recognise your angel number and what do they even do?

In my opinion, Angel Numbers mean as much as you want them to mean. Just like everything else in life, numbers are inherently neutral unless you choose to give further purpose to them (this is me and my stoicism coming in hot). But for me, if I can give a positive purpose to something - I will. 

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So on that note, angel numbers can be interpreted as messengers, as carrying meaning and as numbers that speak to you on a personal level. 

To calculate your angel number (or at least this is what I have been taught) you simply add your birth day, month and year until you reach a single digit. For example, a birthday of 01/01/2001 = 1+1+2+1 = 5 - therefore, a person with this birthday would have an angel number of 5. Or, a birthday of 26/12/1986 = 2+6+1+2+1+9+8+6 = 35 = 3+5 = 8. 

Or, if you’re like me, I simply chose the number that always spoke to me and had always been important or significant in my life. This is the number 8 - the number of abundance and self-confidence. Or, my birthday, number 1 - signifying leadership and manifestation. 

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In regards to what each number means, well this is where the fun comes in! I’ve found this article to be super helpful, but let me give a summary of what the numbers can be interpreted to mean… 

111 or 1111 Manifestation 

This is the number for things coming true… so make a wish and set some intentions. According to the article, this number represents the universe sending you a ‘green light’ (love this analogy). So, no matter what you’re going through in life, if you see 111 in any set of multiples, then take it as positive nudge and a sign that the things you want are perhaps coming into your physical reality.   

222 or 2222 Balance, Trust, Alignment

22 may represent a partner or person is helping you or is in your life for a reason. 22 in other sets of multiples may otherwise represent trusting someone, aligning with partners and trusting in a pairing. 

333 of 3333 Magnetism, Creativity, Support Yourself

Seeing 3’s in sets of 3 or more may indicate that your skills, talents or creative pursuits will yield particular results right now. This number encourages you to lean into your inner abilities, your childlike self and your innate skills. In this way, seeing this angel number may indicate that anything you do using your creative energy will see magical results. 

444 or 4444 Stability, Grounding  

This angel number suggests that you’re in a stage of foundation building. It encourages you in whatever you’re building, to know that it is meant to last. The article suggests that when interacting with 4, you can and should ask for help particularly when requiring a specific skill set that you may not have. Ultimately, the 4’s in sequence are about building something to last and doing it well. 

555 or 5555 Change, Transformation

5’s in sequence shouldn’t be taken with fear because change is coming… It should be taken with excitement because it is perhaps necessary change. I associate this energy with the feeling you feel before going to uni for the first time or before starting a new job - it might be scary but it’s usually good or a necessary lesson. The article says that the changes may be more subtle or ‘behind the scenes’, so if you’re seeing 5’s, just know change is happening whether you can recognise it or not. 

666 or 6666 Support, Empathy, Compassion

6 for me has always been viewed sort of negatively, I guess because of my Christian upbringing. The article notes how 666 is often associated with the devil in Christianity but let’s view it detached from that, shall we? 666 in Chinese numerology represents things going smoothly. And the article suggests it connotes a ‘gentleness’, kindness and understanding. So if you’re seeing 6 in sequence, things may start going smoother or kindness and compassion may be coming your way… or it may be that you need to offer this to yourself or others. 

777 or 7777 Fortune, Luck, Financial Opportunity

Think new opportunities for money, financial abundance and perhaps some big winnings or luck (yes please). This is big Jupiter energy (if you’re into astrology then you know). Seeing 7’s in sequences of 3 or more means good fortune and fortune that may result in monetary gains or opportunities. This angel number encourages you to do more and branch out to see what eventuates. You never know what will come when you give the energy of this number a portal to come through to you. 

888 or 8888 Infinity, Intuition, Spirituality, Balance

This number is all about spiritual support and the interconnectedness of all beings and things. I feel a strong connection with the universe when it comes to 8’s in sequence. 8’s also represent abundance and balance with the physical form of an 8 showing how everything is ongoing and in an infinite loop. In addition the form shows off balance and symmetry. There is a lot of power in this number and represents life coming back into clarity, balancing out and acts as a reminder for the bigger picture. 

999 or 9999 Endings, Closing, Newness

It’s important to note that this number doesn’t represent endings in a bad way. 9 represents the ending of chapters for a good purpose. It signifies the closing of a period of time or situation. To me, this energy is like the energy felt when you’re at your high school graduation, when there is a whole new adventure ahead. It connotes a goodness that comes with things coming to a close. So if you’re seeing 9’s, just know something is coming to an end and it is going to be good and serving of your best interests. 

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For me, there cannot be any single way to go about angel numbers or anything spiritual - it is all up to you! Those who try to box anything spiritual in are usually spiritual for the purpose of recognition rather than for genuine purposes. I would suggest taking the idea of angel numbers lightly, and as fun aspects of your life rather than authoritative. At the end of the day, it is how you interpret and use them that gives them meaning!

So, what does your birthday say your Angel number is? Or what number speaks to you the most? Give it a go. And be sure to check out our angel number prints on our website (they’re stunning). 

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