Is this the colour of the year?! Sherwin Williams 'Redend Point'

Is this the colour of the year?! Sherwin Williams 'Redend Point'

Sherwin William Colour of the Year - what we think about this years 'softer' take on colour!

They've called it a minimal, calming and intriguing colour that is earthy yet still suitable for the kiddies rooms, perfect for adding some colour but still maintains some neutrality - so yeh, we get why it was coined the colour of the year for 2023!

At Bam Bam, we love colours that are versatile enough to suit your home, business space, event and content - so Sherwin Williams 2023 colour of the year can be nothing short of stunning. 

With its clay like appearance, pink yet earthy vibes and true 'softness', we can't get enough of 'Redend Point'.

Having a look through some of our favourite styles, we know this colour is perfect for boho styled homes, and it even suits the rich warmness of western vibes. 

Check out our home-styling mood board using Sherwin Williams' colour of the year 'redend point' above! 

Featuring our Southwest and Cowhide Peel and Stick decor and our Limewash Arch in Earth - That would be a stunner of a home. We would make a feature wall with Redend Point on the far wall, layer our cowhide and Southwest peel and stick decor on the tiled floor, and dress our bed with our limewash arch Headboard in Earth. Add some boho and moroccan touches, and voila. It's giving western x boho x moroccan vibes and its really on 'redend' point... ;)

How would you style Redend Point in your home? 

Let us know below. 

With Love,

Bam Bam. 

Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year Redend Point

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