Mompreneur Series - Recognising and highlighting local mums in business!

Mompreneur Series - Recognising and highlighting local mums in business!

Welcome to our first blog series! 

A place dedicated to highlighting amazing mumma’s who run businesses! We know there are so many mums out there who deserve the spotlight, at least for a moment, and who we would love to teach us about their journey in motherhood and business.

There is something special about empowering mums in their motherhood especially as they navigate the often difficult task of building a business, their career and their families.

We can look forward to learning from mums from all walks of life, and from all industries. And it’s such an amazing opportunity to build a community of mums that can learn from each other in being great mums, great bosses, great partners and great all-round Mompreneurs. 

Keep your eye out on our first post of this series where we will be speaking with an amazing local mompreneur who creates some of the most intimate, sophisticated and personal products available on the market.  

If you’re a mompreneur we really want to hear from you! Please reach out to me personally at or on our socials. I cant wait to hear from you. 

Wellness and joy this week, 


Written and edited by Bam Bam owner, Moana Danger - Pictured with her son. 

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