The art of creating spaces you love ~ and why it’s important to create spaces you feel good in

The art of creating spaces you love ~ and why it’s important to create spaces you feel good in

Here you will find my top three tips for turning your home (no matter if you’re renting, at your parents home, a home owner, house sharing - whatever!) into your own personal sanctuary and why it is important to create a beautiful space for yourself. 

#1. Functionality 

First thing on the agenda is creating a space that is functional for you! In order to do this you have to be cognisant of your own routines and habits and also your values. Do you value morning light? Set your space up to let in east-facing, morning sun. Comfort? Make sure you have blankets placed in baskets in all your main spaces (as well as candles, where possible). Socialising in the kitchen? Set your seating or lounge up to face the kitchen island or bench. These simple changes allow you to naturally feel better when doing the mundane day-to-day tasks. 

The importance of this is creating a space you not only love, but that actually fits-in with your life and who you are. For example, social, creative people who have lots of children and enjoy socialising may not benefit from minimalist design - and thats okay! 

Also, if you are a parent and struggle to maintain equilibrium in your home space - try making a ‘mum/dad room’ or one corner, or one nook in your home that is out of bounds for everyone else (including hubby/wife). Make sure your children know it is not a space for them or their toys. Make it a ‘you’ space where you have all your favourite things and that is designed to suit you. You deserve it and need it and should see it as a vital investment in yourself as a person and parent. 

#2. Work with what you have 

There is nothing worse than admiring Pinterest images of stunning homes and feeling sh*tty in your own space because of it. The trick to creating a space you love is first being appreciative of the space you have. Actionable steps you can take each day are to notice the spaces in your home or space that have good lighting, big open walls that you can decorate with wall art or spaces that are quiet or relaxing (this could be the furthest room from the kitchen or a little courtyard at the front of the house).

By recognising these aspects of the home you already have, you can start to build on what is already yours to make it better. If you check out our blog post on how to three-birdsify your home, you can also find 3 simple ways to build upon the space you already have with simple furniture and colour changes. 

#3. Only shop according to your inspo

This is my biggest life-saver of a tip for decorating your home and making it yours and a space you truly love! …. DO NOT aimlessly shop! 

This is for people who meander in Kmart or Target or flea markets or online without any clear inspo or distinct style in mind. Even if something looks cute on its own, or on the shelves, it does NOT mean it will look good in your space or that it fits your vibe. The key is to get to know your style and home essence and to build upon that. 

I recommend buying mid to high quality pieces (avoid shops such as Shein and eBay like the plague as their pieces not only look and feel cheap but are terrible for over consumption and waste purposes too), buy less frequently and ensure that the pieces you do choose suit your aesthetic!

I have a folder on my phone that is full of my home decor inspo (thank you Pinterest) and whenever I go shopping I hold the item up against my inspo folder to see if it suits! And honestly, most of the time the decor pieces I find don’t actually match the aesthetic of home decor that I like. This will allow you to create a space that you actually like rather than a space of assorted bits-and-bobs that make your home feel cluttered, (often-times) cheap, and not a space you really feel connected to. 


The reason we should start investing in the spaces around us is because of the impact our home, living and work spaces have on our inner-being, mental state and wellness. 

Your space is the first thing you see when you wake, and the last you see upon slumber. Your home is the space where you experience a lot of life, and a space that - when it looks and feels good - will set you up with good endorphins and feelings, allowing you to approach your day with the knowing that you can come back to this retreat and sanctuary no matter what life throws at you.

A home can be a fortress and also a sanctuary and I encourage everyone to start creating good spaces for themselves and absorbing the goodness that they can provide. 

I hope this can help someone today. With love from me to you!


Written and edited by Bam Bam founder Moana Danger.

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