Instructions and Care

On this page you will find instructions for;

  • General care instructions applicable to all our products
  • Applying a peel and stick feature decor piece
  • Applying a peel and stick headboard (large piece)
  • Removing a peel and stick piece
  • Storing a peel and stick piece
  • Repurposing/Re-applying a peel and stick piece
  • ‘How to’ application and removal videos

General Care Instructions (all products)

All Bam Bam products require that the walls you adhere your piece to are;

  • Dry
  • Internal
  • Removed of any dust (products can be reapplied more times if you do this)
  • Brick and rendered walls are as clean as possible
  • Glass and mirror applications have clean surfaces
  • Newly painted walls have had 4 weeks to outgas before application
  • Walls are removed of bluetack, hooks, fixtures, holes etc that may prevent a smooth finish
  • Peeling your piece off the wall is to be done slowly so as to not stretch the product or impact its shape.
  • Keep your original backing paper and packaging tube! You can use these to store or move your piece in the future

Applying a feature decor piece

Plan where you will put the designs. Peel the piece from the backing paper. Smooth the designs to the wall. To reposition your piece, just lift an edge and peel it off slowly before placing it in the desired position. 

Applying a headboard or large piece

Large products (headboards) need a bit more care to avoid the pieces sticking to themselves. You may need two pairs of hands for this! But once they have been carefully placed on they wall they are much more manageable. So;

    • With the backing paper on, place the product face down, peel back and fold approximately 15cm of the backing paper, exposing some sticky side of the product.
    • Now pick up the piece and stick it to the wall by the exposed section... support the rest of the product by holding it to the wall. (2 people)
    • Now that section is applied, from behind, pull the remaining backing paper away while carefully pressing the product to the wall. Do this slowly until all the backing paper comes away and the piece is fully applied. (2 people)
    • To move the piece around whilst on the wall, peel the whole piece off and manoeuvre it into place - if required. You may also do this in sections if it is easier to do so. (2 people) 


Removing a piece

All products are to be peeled off any surface slowly. It will feel natural to peel slowly, so do not 'rip' the piece off - this may cause damage to both your product and potentially your walls if done so vigourously. You may need two people to do this if you're removing a large piece. 

  • Choose a corner to peel from (usually a hidden corner, or the corner furthest from the door of the room).
  • Slowly peel off the wall 
  • Follow the instructions below

Storing a piece

  • Ensure original backing paper is in a clean condition, removed of dust and dirt
  • Lay the removed peel and stick piece flat onto the original backing paper
  • Roll the piece up in the backing paper, just as you received it
  • Place the rolled piece back into the original packing tube
  • Voila!

Repurposing/reusing a piece

Simply follow the above application steps ensuring that all walls are clean (this will allow you to reuse the piece multiple times).

Our pieces can be repurposed in your home, business, events or for content! So making good use of them is totally doable if you follow our care instructions carefully.


We hope you enjoy your new product and remember to tag #bambamfam in any snaps you may take as we would love to feature your space.

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