Product Information

What is peel and stick?

Our peel and stick products are much easier to install than traditional wallpaper and even some vinyl decals which often require glue, water and sometimes even hairdryers (?) to apply. 

With Bam Bam products, it is truly as simple as 'peel and stick' - and repeat! If the positioning is wrong, simply peel off your backdrop and place it back on the wall correctly. There is no damage, they are simple to install and they can change your space in all the best ways!

Our products are 100% Australian designed and made and use a polyester fabric material with a gentle, gum-like adhesive. We offer two types of adhesives, one for painted walls and one for textured walls. Our adhesive doesn't change over time, harden or leave residue. We sourced a truly renter/landlord friendly adhesive since we know the struggle of renting! 

You also have the option of storing your product in between uses by placing your backdrop back onto its original backing paper, and storing it in the (tube) packaging you received it in.


  • Our product is free of PVC’s, BPA’s, lead, pthalates, glyco-ethers, formaldehydes.
  • We use a light polyester fabric with a powdery, matte finish that doesn’t shrink or change.
  • We use water-based inks, indoor air quality certified.
  • Our products have a low fire rating.
  • All orders come with an 'instructions and care' packaging slip.

Just FYI,

  • Other peel and stick products are made of vinyl (ours are not); vinyl is a plastic that can be matte or shiny, stretch and tear easily, and can be heavy.
  • Because vinyls change shape and are heavy, they need stronger glues to keep them stuck on the wall. These glues can harden over time cause damage on removal. 
  • Normal or traditional wallpaper is made of paper with a glue that you apply to your wall first. Our products vary drastically from traditional wallpaper and are truly peel and stick. 

We hope this helps.

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