Why Peel and Stick?

Temporary, truly ‘damage-free’ peel and stick decor options are convenient, affordable and easily create change in a space. 

For some, it is impossible to change their walls due to renting, costs and the inconvenience associated with a simple refresh.

Peel and stick products enable you to create change in your home and business spaces without anything actually changing. 

Bam Bam’s peel and stick headboards rival standard headboards with respect to costs and convenience since there is no need for (sometimes very expensive) bulky furniture that otherwise have no other use. Our peel and stick headboards are reusable and versatile, adding dimension, texture and ‘difference’ to really any space you place them. 

Bam Bam’s peel and stick event backdrops are the first of their kind! Now event decor is that much easier, and our backdrops can be used around the house when they're otherwise not being used. We see so much work going into constructing, painting and making event decor and knew there had to be something easier out there... well there wasn't, so we made it!

As a peel and stick product, we also have the ability to capture many different textures, tones and styles, so sherpa, rattan, canvas, Limewash and more can all be available to our customers for the same price and effort each time. Simply purchase, peel, and stick!

Peel and stick products allow you to keep up with changing interior design and decor trends without the hassle; no major commitments to paint choices or any of the damage that comes with it. How good! This is a god-send for business owners, and mums who now have the flexibility to change their spaces as they require. 

Our cost-effective, and convenient products are perfect for brick-and-mortar, studio or accomodation type brands and businesses. We love working with brands to bring their space to life and offer ongoing designs to them and their needs. 

So when someone says 'why peel and stick?' we love telling them all the good it has to offer! Our peel and stick options save our customers time, money and hassle! For this we are proud to say we offer the most innovative peel and stick products in Australia and are dedicated to changing and embracing spaces.